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Some subjects that have been and are ongoing research interests

Tax Brackets
How taxes have changed from 1920  to 2023

Taxes over time.jpg

US Demographics 
The changing numbers and make-up of the United States from 1800 to 2020

US Demographics.jpg
US Comparision.jpg


Everyone has opinions about climate change, but what does the data show. I selected Alvin, Texas in Brazoria County. South of Houston, outside of the metro area, I thought this would be more representative and not affected by city heating. There are weather stations with temperature data going back to 1901 in Brazoria County, so the data was pulled together and the number of days with maximum temperatures equal or greater than 95 degrees was counted (dashed orange line), then a rolling 7 year average was calculated (red line). The gray line is the average solar energy for the year, which is about ~1300 W/m2 with some very slight variance (+/- 2 W/m2). Which doesn't account for the temperature increase. 
However, when oil consumption is added to the chart (black line) it shows that oil consumption in 1950 was ~6 million barrels/day and has grown to almost 20 million barrels per day in 2020. Each barrel is 5.8 million BTUs of heat energy, so increased burning of oil has caused Brazoria County to begin to experience much more 95+ degree days.

95+ Brazoria.jpg
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